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Recent Studies Published by the Inmedix Team

Heart Rate Variability Testing with TNFi Treatment of Inflammatory Arthritis

Holman AJ, Ng E. How substantive is heart rate variability as a predictor of anti-TNF treatment outcome for inflammatory arthritis? [abstract] Arthritis Rheumatol. 2015;67 (suppl 10) #1571.

TNFi for Rheumatoid Arthritis with Restless Legs Syndrome options

Holman AJ, Ng E. Use of adjunctive neuroregulatory medication to improve etanercept treatment response for patients with inflammatory arthritis a pilot study [abstract]. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2015;67 (suppl 10) #422.

Heart Rate Variability Testing for TNFi treatment Outcome

Holman AJ, Ng E. Heart rate variability predicts anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy response for inflammatory arthritis. Autonomic Neurosci Basic Clinical 2008 Dec 5;143(1-2):58-67.

A Double-blind, prospective trial of dopamine agonists to treat fibromyalgia

Holman AJ, Myers RR. A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial of pramipexole, a dopamine agonist, in patients with fibromyalgia receiving concomitant medications. Arthritis Rheum 2005;52(8):2495-2505.

TNFi Monotherapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Holman AJ, Larionov V, Masakov L. Etanercept as effective mono-therapy for rheumatoid arthritis: correlation with measures of autonomic nervous system activity. Rheumatology 2003;42(1):A226.

Heart Rate Variability in Fibromyalgia

Holman AJ, Larionov V, Masakov L. Correlation of two-minute heart rate variability analysis, Beck anxiety index and modified health assessment questionnaire (MDHAQ) with fibromyalgia pain score. Rheumatology 2003;42(1):A134.

Impact of Addressing Sleep Disturbance/Fibromyalgia in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Holman AJ. Addressing sleep disturbance/fibromyalgia greatly improves etanercept efficacy for rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. EULAR, Stockholm, June 2002.