AI Services

Standard medical care addresses only half of the patient - the half covered in physiology and anatomy textbooks.  However, the missing element of stress biology can drive nearly any disease to untreatable excess.  Case in point: immuno-autonomics illustrates how autonomic nervous system (ANS) stress adversely impacts immune function in rheumatology and oncology.   

It is past time for clinicians address the full picture of disease, and disease prevention, by understanding how stress is arguable the most overlook element of personalized, precision medicine.  Having a tool to do so finally makes this possible.

Inmedix offers heart rate variability (HRV) and its cloud environment and AI analytics to support research partners exploring more comprehensive ways to improve medical care.  Inmedix hopes that this effort may lead to:

  1. Improved the safety, effectiveness and validation of clinical care
  2. Reducing the unsustainable burden of universal medical care access and costs
  3. More comprehensive and successful disease treatments
  4. Enhanced prevention strategies
  5. With FDA guidance, discovery of new therapeutics and repurposing of current therapeutics